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We, the founders of Onata®, went through nearly all of the phases of life — we were kids, high schoolers, college students, we lived with our parents, lived alone, shared an apartment, got married, raised kids, threw parties, etc. At every phase of life, we felt the need for different services! And we couldn’t find a single source (app) that provided all of the services we wanted! We carefully examined the needs of the people at different stages of life the needs of people who have dependents, including infants, toddlers, teenagers, parents, partners, and even pets, automobiles, appliances, and homes at different stages of life. With that experience, we developed an ecosystem of services required by people at all stages of life, from cooking meals, picking up kids from school, dropping kids to school or activities to giving a jump to the car and babysitting. At Onata, we believe the quickest way to social bridging among people of different genders, ethnicities, races, and even political inclinations are to make them serviceable to one another. Let us all join hands in making this change possible.

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